I am Helsinki based artist and my work takes forms in sculptural materials, conceptual installations, performance art and sound.

I have always searched new methods and materials and shifting between different forms of art has been a very fundamental part of how I have developed my thinking and the practical skills and knowledge that I have acquired. 

By far the largest part of my work has taken form in time based live art forms such as performance art, sound art and music. In recent years this has changed as my ideas have started to take form in sculptures, installations and conceptual pieces exhibited in the fine art context.  

My background in sound is both artistic and also technical as my pre-artistic occupation was sound engineer (I studied music technology in Sibelius Academy Open University 2003-2007 and Metropolia University of Applied Sciences 2009 and I worked a lot in theatre and music productions as a sound engineer). It was a medium from which I wanted to learn everything that there is to learn and I succeeded well enough to move on. Artistically today my inner sound artist is mostly occupied with playing electroacoustic alto hurdy gurdy which is the end result of a very long obsession for upper harmonic minimalistic tonality.

Sound in my way of understanding translated to movement and the “will to do something” and to be present “here and now”. This led me to start experimenting with performance art. Since 2011 I’ve done over 80 different live performance pieces performed mostly within the context of performance art festivals in 19 different countries. My performances are site and situation specific and I play a lot with the actual situation of the performance and how people are supposedly viewing, interpreting and experiencing of what is happening.

In 2014 I started studying in the Fine Art Academy of Helsinki in the sculpture department and I started to experiment with materials that produce acoustic sound thru resonances activated by magnetism or air pressure. As my thinking developed I got more interested on how to activate people with an art work that transmits a contradictory idea that clashes with the real world and within the context that it is still seen as an art work. This can be seen in my recent works Engagement and Threat

Since 2015 I’ve participated in many groups shows and had one solo exhibition in 2020. Topics that I’ve recently worked with relate to societal issues and contradictions with the often artificially forced and capitalised division between human and nature and tradition and progress.